Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

This is a very special Mile-Marker show because today I celebrate 9 years of producing and hosting the Cars Yeah podcast. I am honored to have brought you 2,325 shows and shared the stories of so many Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™. I thank you for riding along with me and giving me your time by listening. One of my past Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts, Gregg Blue, after appearing here on Cars Yeah, asked if he could interview me. So today I am in Maui with a friend by the name of Gregg Blue who’s going to be flipping the mic and giving me what he calls a Hawaiin “Gregg’s Grilling”. So buckle up and perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two about me, the story behind Cars Yeah, and my life-long passion for cars and people’s stories. Like an un-chartered road trip, who knows where this will go…

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