Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Paul Duchene has been an automotive journalist for 40 years. In that time he has owned about 250 cars, and drove an Isetta three-wheeler daily as a reporter in London in the 1960s. He’s raced motorcycles and ran the 1,000 mile Moto-Giro d’Italian on a 1957 Ducati and he ran the 5,000 mile Alcan Winter Rally six times. He has written for the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Car and Driver, Autoweek, and Roundel, and was the Automotive Editor at The Oregonian and the Portland Tribune, and Executive Editor at Sports Car Market Magazine. These days, Paul writes classic car auction catalogs for RM and Gooding, for the soon-to-be-opened World of Speed Museum and for Hagerty’s European website. You can hear Paul at the Laguna Seca and Portland historic races as an announcer.

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