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Brenda Priddy likes to tell people that she was born with a camera in her hands, and hardly remembers a time that she didn’t own a camera or two, or maybe a half dozen. Since 1992, Brenda has been a well-known fixture in the automotive industry, photographing pre-production automobiles undergoing hot weather testing in the desert, and selling the photos to publications including The New York Times, USA Today, Car and Driver, and even the Encyclopedia Britannica. The mom of two suddenly became one of the most famous automotive “spy photographers” in the world! In 2013 she shifted to fine art photography and in 2014 organized people-to-people tours of Cuba. Brenda has always been involved in raising money for charities, and in 2017, she was appointed a CASA (court-appointed special advocate for foster children) by the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona.  

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