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Tyler Schilling is the Founder of Sicktoiz, a company that designs and builds items that he would like to have but nobody was making. Sicktoiz offers unique hand made designers that are carefully designed and finely crafted from automotive parts to display objects and the most amazing door hardware you’ll ever see.  At a young age, Tyler got a job with a Can-Am series Crew Chief and historic racecar restorer. He worked on cars including Jackie Stewart’s T260 Lola, Peter Revson’s M8F McLaren and he also worked as a mechanic on Bobby Brown’s Lola 332. His fascination with creating things lead him to a career in robotics and the ocean. In 1985 he started Schilling Robotics along with Wes Gerriets. For 34 years they build a global franchise including a 98% market share in underwater robot arms. The company was acquired in 2012.

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