Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Joel Carash has been a trial attorney for over 50 years and when he’s not in the courtroom, he’s on the road in his 1927 Bentley 3 Liter that he acquired over 22 years ago. He’s put over 40,000 miles on that special car of which over 26,000 miles have been in rallies and tours all over the world. I had the honor of spending a day with Joel in his car during the La Jolla Concours Tour last spring and what a special day that was for me. Joel was the Bentley Driver’s Club Chairman, Golden Gate Region and has toured in his 3 Litre Bentley in Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, France, England Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and Western USA. His car has also been on the lawn of many Concours events including the La Jolla Concours and Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. On his 16th birthday, Joel got his student pilot’s certificate and then his driver’s license telling you a bit about his passion for speed.

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