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Seth Burgett is the Chairman and CEO of Gateway Bronco, a company where they restore and build the finest vintage Ford Broncos available. At Gateway Bronco he and his team build the way Henry Ford envisioned, on an assembly line. This enables them to offer an up to 5-year warranty, and deliveries as short as 2 months. They supply the donor Bronco or build using your truck. 100% of the work is done in-house in a 60,000 square foot "Bronco Factory". Seth is a seasoned entrepreneur, global executive, and board member. He is an inventor with over 40 patents pending or granted. He has created medical device robots, consumer products, and technology companies. He’s been involved in numerous successful startups and sales of companies. He is a frequent speaker at the Olin School of Business and an executive mentor. Seth is progressing toward becoming a licensed vintage racer with venues in his target including Goodwood and the Monterey Historic races.

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