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Debbie Briscoe is a wife, mother, former teacher, and vintage race car driver. She spent 25 years teaching and mentoring children, parents, and fellow teachers. Then one day, while enjoying time at the race track she decided to get a racing license. She quickly became a favorite in the annual ProFormance Ladies Track Day at Pacific Raceways where they called her ‘Speed Racer’. She attended the Bondurant Racing School and started racing at tracks including Pacific Raceways, Portland, Spokane, Road America, Indianapolis, and Daytona. In her second season, she added tracks including Sonoma and Laguna Seca. She races with her husband and sons and has been interviewed by past Cars Yeah guest Bob Varsha on Motor Trend and today she has friends who include: Brian Redman, Lyn St. James, and Karen Salvaggio, all past guests on Cars Yeah, plus a whole lot of other racers.

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