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Steve Kimpton is the Director of Operations at Track Rekord, a company born out of a need to provide consistent, high-quality track day driver instruction across the US and Canada. The ultimate goal of Track Record is to reduce risk, improve safety, increase enjoyment, lower lap times, and reduce insurance costs. Steve has a Masters Degree in Engineering, Economics, and Management from Oxford University. He is a retired consulting actuary who loves to race. He built his first sports car after leaving university and restores English roadsters. He started racing in 2005 in a Lotus Elise and has competed at Lime Rock, Monticello, and was one of only three US drivers to compete in the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb in South Africa, driving a Saleen Mustang. Steve joined Track Rekord after it was founded by past Cars Yeah guests, Kai Goddard, and Andy Lee. They realized that two professional racing drivers left to their own devices might be a little problematic. Steve brings his business background to the table and is the voice of reason behind Track Rekord.

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