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Ed Loh is the Senior Vice President of content at MotorTrend Group and serves as Editor-in-Chief for MotorTrend. He has nearly 20 years of experience in automotive journalism and has held leadership positions as Editor-in-Chief of Import Racer! Magazine (managing editor of Road & Track's Speed magazine, and editor-in-chief of Sport Compact Car. Ed moved to MotorTrend in the spring of 2007, became its executive editor in 2010 and then editor-in-chief in 2011. In his time with MotorTrend, the brand has become the leading automotive enthusiast magazine and the industry leader across the web, social media, and video. In February 2016, Ed was promoted to senior vice president, in-market content for MotorTrend Group, overseeing the editorial direction of MotorTrend and Automobile magazines. In April 2018, this role was expanded to include all automotive content for the MotorTrend Group.

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