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Bruce Meyers grew up in Southern California during the days of drag racing, surfing, and dune buggies. Bruce designed and built the first lightweight dune buggie and called the Meyers Manx. He built the first 12, all monocoque bodies, in 1964. The first Meyers Manx was named Old Red and Bruce still owns that Manx today. B.F. Meyers & Co. built 5,280 Meyers Manx kits, several hundred Manx II’s and 1,000 Meyers Tow’ds, a few hundred Manx SR’s and 75 Resorters/Turista’s - a total of nearly 7,000 kits. He started a storm that became an icon. Old Red beat the standing Tijuana to La Paz motorcycle record by over five hours culminating in the first Baja off-road race. Old Red was inducted into the Historic Vehicle Register as a car of significant design and construction. Today Bruce and his wife, Winnie, run Meyers Manx Inc. which offers 5 different models of kit cars out of Southern California.

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