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Tod Warmack and his brother Scott along with partner Jim Dowling in Tallahassee, Florida collaborated with graphic designer Kevin Morgan to bring to life the vision of a modern-day Trans Am. And that’s exactly what this team did building these iconic cars for enthusiasts. Starting as Trans Am Depot in 2011, Tod, his brother, and their team, partnered with legendary Hurst Performance making history as the first ever licensed Hurst Edition Trans Am. Demand grew and their small shop became a full production facility. Today, Trans Am Depot and Trans Am Worldwide builds retro-mods, restores classics as well as offering new technology muscle cars with a classic retro look and feel. You can enjoy Tod on Discovery’s all-new Trans Am TV show that premieres today, Tuesday, October 2 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. 

If you missed yesterday’s Cars Yeah show with Tod’s brother Scott, you’ll find it on the Cars Yeah website.

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