Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Mark Nureddine is the CEO of Bull Outdoor Products, a company that provides grills, islands, and grilling components to over 900 dealers and distributors within North America and an additional 15 other countries and growing. For most people, tinkering, and testing on open flame grills in your garage is not advised but Mark is not most people. His efforts with developing grills in a closed environment led to his success. He grows his own grapes in his vineyard in Lodi, California, and is a hobbyist winemaker along with having a passion for international culinary endeavors. He is a Certified Barbeque Judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society and served as a judge for Bull Outdoor Products and their Bull Burger Battle. Mark is also an enthusiastic car collector and international auto enthusiast having traveled the world attending car events. His company is also the Ironstone Concours Tour Sponsor for 2018.

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