Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Ingo Schmoldt has been photographing fantastic subjects since he was a teenager. His longtime love affair with automobiles has focused his artistic energies on cars, the people who own them, and the events at which they appear. Shooting for various magazines, Ingo has covered some of the most iconic motor events in the world including the Monterey Car Week, Villa d’Este and the Goodwood Revival. He’s also a regular at motorsport events including the 25 Hours of Thunderhill where he’s able to document many phases of the human condition along with the racing itself. His photography has spurred his unique artwork that starts with a photograph, but through digital manipulation, appear to be more of an illustration. Ingo is also starting a new company called Genau AutoWerks, which will assist people in selling their cars and will also produce video content, t-shirts, and other accessories.

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