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Chad McQueen is a race car driver, actor, film producer, and consummate automotive enthusiast. He has raced in many forms of motorsports including Motocross, the Baja 1000, SCCA, Vintage events, and many other venues. He’s a big fan of early Porsches and still owns and drives his father’s 1958 Speedster in the hills around Los Angeles. Chad was a producer on a feature documentary titled Steve McQueen, The Man & Le Mans. It’s the story of a life changing passion for racing and his father’s involvement in the making of the iconic 1970 movie Le Mans. You can learn more about this film when I had Chad here on Cars Yeah, show number 450 on the Cars Yeah website. Today he continues to support The Boys Republic, a place that turned around his father’s life, by putting on The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show that takes place on June 2 in Chino Hills, California on the Boys Republic campus.

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