Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Dennis Pittsenbarger is the host of Discovery’s all-new series Sticker Shock. The series that answers the question “What’s my car worth?” Sticker Shock kicks off with a special premiere on Monday, April 30 and the series premier starts Wednesday, May 2, on Discovery. Dennis’s motto: “Drive fast, work hard, and talk about cars… constantly.” Dennis is a walking encyclopedia of automotive history and fuel-powered folklore. He is a racer, automotive industry expert, and classic car restorer, and forever on the hunt for his next set of wheels. He’s driven at Wisconsin’s Road America, Oregon’s Portland International Raceway, California’s Laguna Seca, New York’s Watkins Glen, and in the Great American Stockcar Series. So buckle up and join Dennis and me on a very animated and exciting ride in to his automotive world.

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