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Dean Polopolus is the owner of Polo Motors in Temecula, California. Dean was inspired by Porsche design and engineering so much that he created something beyond what Porsche had to offer.  Much like Dr. Ferdinand Porsche who said, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” So did Dean. He designed, cast, and built the first Porsche 911, 4-cylinder engine and would fit it in to a 356 A model Porsche. For over 30 years Dean continued to develop and perfect his design, testing it on the street and on the track. Then Polo Motors produced the world’s first 911 air-cooled engine in a 356 Porsche Outlaw, equipped with modern day suspension and brakes. Today Dean and his company are known throughout the world of Porsche enthusiasts for their engineering and powerful Polo engines for vintage Porsche 356 and 912 models.

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