Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Yoav Gilad is the editor at Petrolicious. He was raised in the Washington DC suburbs where he spent his young adulthood getting speeding tickets, starting car clubs, and getting a degree in economics from University of Maryland. Yoav founded a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to people awaiting organ transplants. The allure of endless hours playing with pencils, markers, and clay was too strong and he decided to follow his passion for cars, design, and sketching and moved to Pasadena, CA to attend Art Center College of Design for another Bachelor’s degree, this time in transportation design. Yoav has worked in fashion, graphics, products, and transportation design and he’s taught in the Art Center for Kids program. He started his own website, ‘Keep It Wide’.  After an epic Porsche road trip, and some help from Hagerty Insurance, Petrolicious hired him as their editor. When he’s not writing, editing, or taking photographs he is out driving and still getting speeding tickets.


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