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Where do I begin when introducing an iconic legend in the automotive world?  Peter Brock is a designer, a racer, an award-winning author, a speaker, and a photographer.  He was the youngest designer to be hired by General Motors in 1957 and sketched what became the first Corvette Sting Ray.  In 1961 Peter became Carroll Shelby’s first employee and designed the iconic Daytona Coupe that won the World Championship in 1965.  There were other cars he designed while with Shelby he worked on the iconic Shelby GT350 Mustang.  His Brock Racing Enterprises, the BRE team with Datsun, is legendary and won title after title.  In 1973 he founded Ultralight Products that became the largest hang gliding company in the world and they won numerous championships and set records in hang gliding.  Today along side his wife Gayle and their talented team, Peter continues to push BRE in to new adventures and products including his unique Aerovault Trailer and the brand new YouTube series - Peter Brock’s World.

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