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Chris Runge owns and operates Runge Karosseria and Flyer Motorwerks.  Flyer Moterwerks began in a rural Minnesota barn.  The very place where Chris, 25 years prior, sat in his first Porsche while it was being stored for the winter. That Porsche left an impression that he would never forget.  A lifelong passion for the automobile and more specifically post WWII German design grew as Chris owned and modified several Porsche vehicles over the years.  In 2011 he embarked upon a new journey, to hand hammer his own aluminum bodied car.  The goal was not to build a replica but capture an era through a simple yet beautiful design. In the process Chris applied Traditional European Coachwork techniques to build the Prototype “Frankfurt Flyer” Sports Racer.  FF001 has gained attention and admiration in the motoring world.  Today, Chris is preparing to introduce a series of coach built auto designs based on different eras and country of origin.  Chris can also provide panel replacement, repair or reskin an entire body for your vintage sports car.  Chris can also design and build from scratch, your very own custom coach built automobile.


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