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Henry Reisner is the president of Intermeccanica, Custom Coach Builders in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Intermeccacina was started in 1959 by Henry’s father Frank when he moved to Turin Italy with his wife Paula.  They produced parts for cars and created a formula junior race car, the Puch, or IMP, the Apollo and Italia automobiles among many other unique and innovative projects.  When the family moved to California in1975 they began making replica Porsche Speedsters and that tradition has continued to this day with Intermeccanica producing Speedsters, Roadsters and Kubelwagens for customers from around the world. Quality and a focus on providing their customers with exactly they want, Henry and his team bring back the magic of old cars that are reliable and fun to drive. You can learn more about the Reisner family and their rich history in the book The Story of the Prancing Bull. 

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