Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Burt “BS” Levy is an award-winning motorsports journalist, an infamous author, a lifelong British car nut, and notorious racecars ride mooch.  He is the author of the celebrated cult classic 1950s sports car novels The Last Open Road, its sequels Montezuma’s FerrariThe fabulous Trashwagon,  Toly’s Ghost, The 200 MPH Steamroller,  and his utterly hilarious short story collection, A Potside Companion.  He’s piloted all kinds of vintage racecars by mooching rides at tracks across the country from Laguna Seca to Watkins Glen.  A true automotive entrepreneur, Burt is sure to fill our ears with his humor and iconic “BS” so hide your cars keys and listen up to this interview, part one of two spectacular journeys with a very unique character.

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