Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Pete started cruising the boulevards with his hot rod friends in 1955. His first hot rod was a ’32 roadster. He’s been through a string of cars and has formed relationships and friendships with many of the most famous people in the hot rod world.  His early business, Pete and Jake’s Hot Rod Parts was known for their innovative style and seat-of-the-pants marketing and it brought the hot rod business into the mainstream. Along with many ventures, Pete was the Vice President of Marketing for SEMA and he was elected in to the Street Rod Market Alliance Hall of Fame. After restoring the Doane Spencer Roadster for Bruce Meyer his build won the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Hot Rod Class and Pete was inducted into the Hot Rod Magazine Hall of Fame. Pete has more awards than anyone I know. Pete is the president at the iconic So-Cal Speed Shop and continues to make waves in the hot rod world working on all sorts of cars and bikes. If you asked Pete about retiring he’ll just shrug his shoulders and say “You don’t retire when you love what you do.”

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