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David Neel is the Executive Director of the Murphy Auto Museum located in Oxnard, California. The Murphy Auto Museum is a collection of 90 cars, camping trailers, and Americana located inside a 30,000 square foot building. David has a lifelong love of cars, starting at a very young age where he collected Matchbox cars and later, Hot Wheels. As an adult, he started collecting real cars in 2005 and later added vintage travel trailers to his growing fleet. He keeps his collection partly at home and partly at the Murphy Auto Museum. David is married, the father of two boys, and when he is not at the museum, or at his real for-profit job, or camping, he is out driving one of his cars. Please visit the museum’s website at

Shout out to Steve Ford.

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Gaston Rossato is the founder and owner of The Barn Miami, Miami, Florida's most respected and recognized boutique specializing in exotic and classic automobiles. In addition to sales, he offers consulting services, consignments, and collection management for your dream car or an entire collection. Growing up and learning the automobile business from his father, Gaston honed his skills including customer care, relations, communications, sales, and most importantly, knowledge about the automobiles he sells. He has also served with IAC/PFA, the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of Ferrari automobiles. You’ve seen The Barn Miami featured in numerous publications and show including Velocity Channel’s South Beach Classics, Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, My Classic Garage, FIU’s Own, The Alumni Association Newsletter, and many others.

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J Ryan and his wife Nicole produce and host on YouTube the ‘It’s Tonight’s Show’. Through the show, he combined his love for contemporary car culture and an obsession with the classic talk and variety show. J has worked in and around television in his career and he has been an automotive enthusiast his entire life. He threw Nicole a curve ball when he decided to combine these two passions and created the 'It’s Tonight Show'. Together, J and Nicole interview celebrities, comedians, musicians, automotive enthusiasts, and creative and inspirational figures to share their messages, lives, peace, love, and positivity.



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Richard Starks is a sculptor who thinks big and works big; I mean really big! He grew up in Watsonville, California, attended San Jose State, and worked as a fabricator on boats, trailers, and rebuilding engines. He went back to school to get a teaching credential to teach high school metal shop. Remember that class, along with wood shop and auto shop? He spent 32 years teaching and started creating metal sculptures. He’s built a dragster, hot rods, and had a passion for cars since his high school days. After retiring, Richard began creating sculptures, with his focus being on very large objects. He works in Cor-ten steel primarily, and his works have included everyday objects he recreates in massive scale, as well as a variety of unique, modern sculptures and public installations.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard at SEMA last year and enjoyed seeing some of his amazing creations.

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Dave Dusick is the Founder and CEO of RaceTrack Engineering. He started his company as a solution to connect racers throughout the industry to the advanced technology systems that are revolutionizing the sport. His mission at RaceTrack Engineering is to invigorate the sport and the motorsport community. In 1978 Dave was diagnosed with a tumor in his right cheek that was said to be an incurable cancer. He was only 13 months old. After numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation Dave was declared clear of cancer two years later. His illness, however, left him with long-term physical challenges. Dave turned his adversity into his strength and created the Dave Dusick Foundation to help children and their families who are suffering from life-altering illnesses.


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Randy Leffingwell is a journalist, author, and photographer. He worked two years for the Kansas City Star, then nine years for the Chicago Sun-Times, and followed that with a year at AutoWeek before moving to Los Angeles and joining the TIMES, where he worked for 11 years. Since 1990, Randy has written and photographed a number of books including American Muscle, Porsche 911: Fifty Years, Mustang: 40 Years, Art of the Corvette and Corvette Seven Generations, as well as Porsche Unexpected, Porsche Turbo and in Porsche: 70 Years. Most of his projects are transportation-oriented, corporate, product histories focusing as much on the individuals who did the work as well as the vehicles they created. These range from John Deere Tractors to Hot Wheels to the Harley-Davidson Heritage Collection. Since 1995, he has been a full-time book author and magazine contributor. While those of us who love cars know Randy’s work well, he’s also ventured into photographing and writing about barns, lighthouses, California missions, horses, and the wine country.

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Mark Worman is the self-made Mopar success story. From humble beginnings in Springfield, Oregon, he has managed to tirelessly carve out space for himself, not only as a respected authority, in the Mopar restoration and documentation scene, but also with a successful television show Graveyard Carz, first on Velocity and now Motortrend Network. Always a Mopar guy from the beginning, Mark, like most of us, is chasing that perfect car that he had when he was young. Painting, bodywork, assembly, there is no part of the process that Mark can't speak on, sometimes rattling off so many numbers and specs that it makes even a true fan dizzy! At the end of the day, Mark just wants to put more cars on the road by restoring more of these beautiful Mopars. After all, Mark is the Mopar Mortician. It's not called Graveyard Carz for nothing!

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Will Cheek is the manager of the Southern United States Commercial Insurance Program for Hagerty Insurance Company, a premier classic car and vintage boat insurance company in Traverse City, Michigan. Hagerty was built by people who love cars and offers much more than insurance for collector cars. Hagerty provides valuations, a DriveShare program, automotive media, a great magazine, and they fuel car culture through their Hagerty Youth Program, their Historic Vehicle Association, and the RPM Foundation. Will was struck early in life with an obsession for anything automotive related, so it is appropriate that after college he landed at Hagerty and hasn’t looked back, but only at the road ahead.

I have had a number of Hagerty associates on Cars Yeah including McKeel Hagerty, Ashley Shoemaker, Brad Phillips, Diane Fitzgerald, Jonathan Stein, Larry Webster, Lauren Gusler, and Nigel Matthews.

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Paul Brobson is the Founder and CEO of Trusted Sale, the first all-in-one platform for private party vehicle sales. Trusted Sale creates solutions that foster trust between anonymous parties involved in peer-to-peer transactions. As a serial entrepreneur and senior sales and marketing executive, Paul has over 20 years of practical, hands-on strategic marketing planning, implementation, and senior leadership experience. Paul has helped build start-ups from the ground up, emerging companies and has established market leaders alike to attract more prospects and to convert those prospects into profitable customers. Paul has extensive experience and thought leadership in the areas of digital and interactive marketing strategy, interactive marketing campaign management including functional expertise in campaign planning, development, execution, reporting, analysis, and optimization. 

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Jon Dega operates Rare Classics Restorations in Florida where he and his team manage and care for Florida collectors, Kim and Stephen Bruno’s cars. Jon began his automotive career in New Hampshire while still in high school. After graduating with a degree in Automotive Technology, he worked for EG&G Automotive, then Ford, and then founding his first company, Springfield Motorsports. The company grew and was very successful, participating in NHRA, SCCA, and NASA racing events and remains in operation today. Jon sold that company and founded The Worx Garage where they maintained medium and heavy-duty trucks. From there, he met Stephen Bruno, and Rare Classics Restorations was born. His work has been seen at Pebble Beach, on Jay Leno’s Garage, and at the Petersen Museum. They have prepared vehicles to compete in the Colorado Grand, Cavallino Classic, and The Mille Miglia. Jon holds 27 ASE certifications including 4 master technician designations, and he holds a class A CDL driver’s license and several competition licenses as well.

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