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Dhruv Chadha is the Founder and CEO of AutoMech, a car servicing start-up in Seattle, Washington. AutoMech brings together Dhruv’s passion for cars and technology. AutoMech helps car owners with every aspect of car maintenance from taking their car in for service and bringing it back, adding convenience and saving car owners valuable time. Previously Dhruv served as a Product Manager at Arity, launching the Driving Engine SDK, a tool that collects driver analytics data through a smartphone. Prior to Arity, he was a Product Manager and Software Developer on various products at Microsoft.

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Vic Piano is the Founder of the new, world-class, Cigar City Concours d’Elegance. Their inaugural event will take place November 10th and 11th, 2018 at Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. Vic spent over 30 years of his professional career in the broadcast and cable television industry as ‘on air’ talent, and as a director and producer for sports and entertainment events. His company, Mizlou Television also features a division for Out of Home Media Sales, MTRN, and Mizlou Thoroughbred Racing Network. He published a magazine called part Finder focusing on Post WWII special interest automobiles and in television he produced a number of motor sports events including NASCAR, SCORE, the Long Beach and Watkins Glen Grand Prix and the ISCA Grand National in Las Vegas. Vic’s passion is for antique, classic, and special interest cars and trucks with an emphasis on convertibles.

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Doug Perry is the Founder and President of Drivers Club in Scottsdale, Arizona and Redmond, Washington. Drivers Club is a unique community that blends an exclusive social club and vehicle storage and collection management business. They provide a private club environment, climate controlled storage, and a dedicated and enthusiastic staff to look after your special vehicles. Their concierge service manages vehicles service, transportation, acquisitions, sales and special requests. There is a clubhouse where members can enjoy social gatherings, watch racing, enjoy parities, cars and coffee events, speakers, dealer introductions, and charity events. The Drivers Club mantra is – We do the work and you do the driving.

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Bradley Brownell is an automotive journalist who lives in Reno, Nevada. He is a die-hard Porsche fanatic who is also a podcaster and co-founder of the 80s and 90s car show Radwood. You’ll find Bradley’s work in automotive magazines including Autoweek, European Car, Roadkill. He also writes for numerous websites including The Drive, Jalopnik, FlatSixes, Hooniverse and forums including Corvette Forum, Teamspeed, Mustang Forum and more. He is also a self-professed collector of mostly awful automobiles.

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Mike Cardenas is the CEO and Founder of HydroSilex, a new product company in Fort Wayne, Indiana that creates detailing products for use in automotive, marine, aviation, home and industrial applications. As a professional detailer, Mike utilizes his knowledge and experience to help design, create and innovate new products for the detailing industry. A former student of the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy, Mike has conducted workshops and clinics for various manufacturers at events such as the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. He also serves as a trained and certified concours judge for the Porsche Club of America, as well as business consultant and trainer to help others in the detailing industry improve.

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Sir Alfred J. DiMora is the Founder and CEO of DiMora Motorcar, based in Palm Springs, California. His company is known for their expertise in designing high-end luxury cars including the Clenet, Sceptre, and Natalia. Alfred also founded Starbridge Systems where he developed the world’s fastest FPGA supercomputer. Throughout his career Alfred has built many successful companies in a variety of sectors. In 2001 Sir Alfred was inducted in to the Knights of Malta. He is a member of the Motor Press Guild and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Currently Alfred is bringing the Clenet back into production, he’s launching a cell phone line, and he is building a factory in Vietnam where they will build electric taxicabs.


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Lyn Hiner is an automotive artist who describes her paintings as abstract expressionist in acrylic on canvas and paper. She lives in San Clemente, California with her family working from her studio that overlooks a park and the Pacific Ocean. While she paints a variety of subject matter it is her automotive work that brings Lyn to Cars Yeah. Her expressive application and playful use of color and layers, sometimes using a knife to lay down the paint, results in conflict inviting the viewer to look deeper in to her pieces. Her automobiles draw you in to explore the shape, color, and emotion of the subject matter whether they be a Cobra, Porsche, Mustang or Lamborghini. Whatever you see in her art be assured that it is an emotional impression through Lyn’s eyes.

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Stew Waliser is the owner of Stew’s Self Service Garage in Kirkland, Washington. His business is unique in that he provides a full mechanic shop that’s available for the public’s use. Stew started working on cars when he first started driving and the need for a garage to fix his car while in college, while sitting in his dorm room, sparked the idea for Stew’s Self Service Garage. A place where people could work on their own cars, with all the tools they need along with expert advice. He wrote a business plan and opened his shop in 2014 and Stew’s is a premier place to work on your car while providing expert mechanical advice as you go. Stew was recognized by 425 Business Magazine as a 30 under 30 recipient and he’s been featured in Popular Mechanics as well.


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Alan Roach is the President of Baja Designs where they design and manufacture motorcycle and automotive lighting. Alan is a long time Baja 1000 motorcycle racer who took his need for great lighting and turned it in to a thriving business. Baja Designs lights have won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for over 15 years. The Baja Designs mantra, Brighter, Bolder, and Better best describe their philosophy of being The Scientists of Lighting. Alan started riding dirt bikes at 10 years old and raced until college and he raced his first Baja 1000 in 1995 and in 1998 he earned third overall in the pro motorcycle division. Alan also raced the Baja 1000 in 2003 in a vehicle and continued racing through 2017.

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Michael Zarnock is an American author and columnist, who writes collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Accessories. He is also the current producer/editor and host of “Hot Wheels TV” on YouTube and is the Senior Contributing Editor at Die Cast Magazine. Michael's knowledge and his massive Hot Wheels collection of approximately 30,000 vehicles has earned him notoriety around the world. He has authored14 books, numerous chapters in other books, and hundreds of magazine articles about Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Accessories. Mike has twice held  the“Guinness World Record” Hot Wheels Collection, he has earned the most distinguished label: "One of the world’s leading Hot Wheels authorities."Michaels massive collection, world notoriety and World Records have also raised him to an elite new level of collecting as only a handful of collectors around the world have been classified as a “Super Collector”!

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