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Caractacus Pott was a failed widower and eccentric inventor whose ideas were ahead of his time. He was down on his luck and unable to afford a family car. His efforts to invent a candy he called "Toot Sweets" that can be played like a flute, end in disaster. His children, who are often truant from school, uncovered a crashed Grand Prix racer in the local junk yard and convinced their father to buy her and restore the car. In a truly bizarre accident he meet the daughter of a local factory owner and begins a journey unlike any other. Using an old boat hull he restores the car to her former fame and glory and takes the family for the ride of their life. They travel to Vulgaria and meet up with the Baron and Baroness Bomburst where the car is stolen, his children are kidnapped, and, well the rest as they say, is an amazing adventure.

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Titan Gilroy is the CEO of Titan America manufacturing, an elite aerospace CNC machine shop in Northern California. You’ll recognize him as the Executive Producer and Star of the television series, Titans of CNC. The show is a platform to engage a new generation of machinists, inventors, and builders. Titan pioneered the largest free CNC educational platform, dedicated to training and inspiring students, educators, and shop owners from around the world. Titan’s background is one of challenge and despair, growing up in a broken home filled with violence he landed in prison. Fighting his way back through the sport of boxing he became a skilled boxer and then eventually landing in the CNC machine business where today Titan is an inspiration to thousands.

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Syd Mead is a designer, an artist and a futurist whose career spans five plus decades of creativity and vision. He started at the Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Design Studio and then traveled the world illustrating books, catalogues, and product design for a wide variety of corporate entities. He created architectural renderings for most of the best firms and then moved in to the motion picture industry where he designed and illustrated for iconic films. In 2016 the Visual Effects Society awarded Syd their top honor as Visual Futurist. His first love is transportation design and Syd’s art and design can be found around the world. His latest book, the Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist will be available in September, 2017 through Titan Publications. His autobiography is in the works as well titled A Future Remembered. This June Syd will receive a lifetime design achievement award at the Eleanor Ford estate in Grosse Point Shores, Michigan during the Eyes On Design Collector Car Show.

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Alexander Davidis is the CEO and Executive Producer at Davidis Film in Bedford Hills, New York. Unique in the industry, Davidis Film is the first company to offer specialized film production services exclusively to the automotive world. His career in the media arts and passion for automobiles has resulted in innovative and artistic concepts, earning him a reputation as a creative visionary. He tells stories about people and their cars that arouse, entertain, and sell. Alexander has produced programming for Discovery and commercial spots for Saatchi & Saatchi. His award-winning productions range from documentaries, to HD film, multi-episode TV series, historic racing and more.

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Roger Garbow is an automotive journalist and marketing expert and the Founder of Full Throttle Marketing in Connecticut, a consulting firm that works with top automotive companies. His creative expertise took him in to a career as an illustrator and art director however he quickly realized he wanted to be out on the road instead of behind a desk. Roger worked as the Marketing Chief for a diverse range of clients from a custom limousine manufacturer to one of America’s leading Porsche racing teams. He’s a real world car guy who gets to experience cars in the real world: snow, rain, and potholes included. You’ll see his work in automotive circles including Road and Track and Men’s Health.

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Carter Kelly Kramer is an automotive photographer and a manager at Collector’s Car Garage with locations in Chicago and New York. There he handles sales and marketing for the company. Collector’s Car Garage is a place where members store their cars in a state of the art facility designed for the preservation of special vehicles. They offer a concierge service, in-house detailing, events, sales, and mostly a country club environment for car people. Previously Carter was the marketing manager at Miller Motorcars, a high-end dealership in Connecticut. His passion for cars runs deep with a specific passion for vintage automobiles. You will find a great video about Carter on Petrolicious titled Carved Pumpkin. It’s a story about his 1976 BMW 2002, a very special car he built for himself.

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John Rogers is the Director of Club Operations at the Thermal Club in Thermal, California nestled in a valley between the Santa Rosa Mountains and Joshua Tree National Park. The Thermal Club is a private, Alan Wilson designed five-mile racetrack. It features dramatic changes in character, speed, and elevation and includes multiple circuit configurations plus autocross, karting tracks, and skid pads. There’s a clubhouse, mechanics and expert race technicians, and the Villas which are private homes and garages where members keep their cars and entertain or simply escape to play with their vehicles. Prior to his involvement at the Thermal Club John has worked in the oil and gas industry and started a car customization business.

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Richard Schickman is the Founder of the RSR Project in New York where he re-creates and builds high-quality Porsche RSR tribute cars. His lifelong passion for Porsches is the catalyst that pulls him from his day job in real estate, to the garage where he creates dream cars for clients. What started as a hobby is quickly growing in to a business. When Porsche released the 911 Carrera RS in 1973 it was a means of getting their RSR homologated for Group 4 racing. Today it’s become a cult classic for Porsche enthusiasts and Richard builds cars to his client’s tastes and budgets. Richard will build you a dream car with various engine sizes, interior features, and numerous details making your dream RSR possible. 

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Frederic Aasbo is a Formula Drift World Champion whose nickname fits his talent, The Norwegian Hammer. He hails from Ski, Norway and is known for his flat-out driving style. He’s earned over 100 podium finishes on three continents over the past decade with multiple championships including Asia and the United States. Frederic holds the series record for most wins scored by a driver in a single season and he was named “Fan Favorite of the Year” three years in a row. His competition car is the Nexen Tire Toyota sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink and he runs with the Papadakis Racing Team which is the most winning team in Formula Drift history.

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Tim Arfons is the Founder of Akron Turbine Group where they design and build track driers. Their units are unique in that they are easy to operate, self contained, and fit in the back of a pickup truck. Tim grew up in an automotive family and his father Art is a legendary three-time land speed record holder. Tim started racing in a front engine dragster powered by a General Electric T-58 turbine engine. He and his father then built the unique U.S.S. Enterprise tractor to compete in tractor pulling contests and went on to win numerous events. He went on to participate in the United States Hot Rod Association Monster Truck events and then built the Green Monster funny car. Later came a series of exhibition vehicles including the Kamikaze quad runner, The Jet Jumper, Jet Barstool, and American Thunder Jet Jeep. Tim's raced, been a stuntman, jumped over all sorts of things as an exhibition performer, he's a guy who has done it all.

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